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Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator

Easy, long-lasting hair removal. Hypo-allergenic 24-karat gold-plated discs. Gold Metal Winner - Winner of the Gold Medal for International Inventions, Switzerland 1993. Smooth skin for up to 4-6 weeks.

Features & Benefits:
Hypo-allergenic 24-karat-gold plated discs gently remove hair on legs, face, bikini line and other sensitive areas.
36 Individual Discs gently rotate for fast and efficient hair removal.
Contoured Design for easy handling.
1 speed setting for removal of fine and coarse hair
Corded Operation
Cleaning Brush
Soft Travel Pouch
Protective Headguard
Single Voltage
2 Year Warranty
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Comfortable and Convenient, the Smooth & Silky? epilator is uniquely designed to hug the curves of a woman's body for long-lasting hair removal.

Unique Hair Removal System gently removes hair from the root so your skin stays silky smooth for up to 4-6 weeks.


A Good Basic Epilator that does the JOB!

By girlflesh
Pros: no hair for 2 weeks, travel ready, easy to use.
Cons: a bit of pain of course, no battery options

was tired of hair removing products. I've tried Nads, Nair, and shaving, and nothing works, and the results didn't last. I've been shaving for years, but it was really tiring to do it everyday, so I put aside my fear for epilators and bought the Remington Smooth and Silky at "The Bay" for $64.99 Canadian, which was reasonally priced, because I was saving money on razors.

Ouch! But it works

By mystic-lynx

I bought this with my armpits in mind. I don't mind shaving my legs as I only need to do it every couple of days. But my armpits are another story. Thick, black forest of hair that has to be shaved every day, sometimes twice a day! I think that because it's warmer under there, and I sweat more than most women, so the hair grows quicker.

And have you ever noticed, those of you who shave, that even with the closest shave, if you have dark hair you can always see that "shadow" that looks like hair? Like men with dark hair, their clean shaven faces have a shadow. I always felt self conscious about wearing swimsuits or tank tops.

So I bought this, figuring I'd definately use it on my awful pits, and possibly on my legs if it worked well. I can't really remember what I paid, but I bought it at Zeller's.

At home, I read through all the instructions carefully, and prepared myself for the pain I knew would follow. In the instructions it says that the first time you use the epilator, it can "smart". They really should write "hurts like hell, makes your eyes tear!"

It took nearly half an hour to do one armpit because I stopped constantly to let my "smarting" skin recover. After years of shaving, the roots of the hairs were very thick and strong, so pulling them out really did "smart". It also bled and made me yelp and turn very white! I thought my fiance would laugh at me, instead he asked "why are you even bothering?" Trust me, I almost didn't get past that first time!

Now that I've been using it for years, the pain is tolerable. It still stings but I get it over with quickly. I only need to do it once a week, or every two weeks, and the hair grows back much lighter and softer. And no shadow! Now when I have no hair, it actually looks like I have no hair.

I tried using this on my legs several times, but it is so time consuming, even when you've been doing it a long time and your hair is finer. I could do it, but it takes about an hour or more to do both legs, and that is if you're quick about it. It usually took me nearly an hour per leg. I suppose you could take the time at night or something, when you're watching a movie, but I just went back to shaving.

Now if I was brave, I would use it on my whole bikini area. But if it "smarted" that badly under my arms, forget even trying that delicate area! I don't think I ever could, though I would like to have the same benefits I enjoy under my arms!

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 3.83 based on 24 comments.
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Rating: 4.00
by Michelle from UK

Smooth & Silky HR-1 at February 6, 2012
Has anyone managed to track down these elusive replacement rollers for this model. I have had my model for years and now need rollers. Please, please, someone help me!!
Rating: 4.00
by Rachel

Mixed feelings. at December 27, 2011
Very painful at first but decreases with time during epilation, also takes a very long time. Feel like machine was scratching my legs, not sure that it was but it felt that way. Left my legs feeling fairly smooth, I'm looking forward to not having to shave tomorrow. Not sure I'd recommend this just yet but I will have to admit it hurt a lot, albeit tolerable after time.
Rating: 5.00
by Zabel from New Zealand

Needing help at September 25, 2011
I have the Lady Remington smooth and silky HR-3 model from 1990, i assume this is the same product, but the older model. I love this product, from much use, your hair stops regrowing and i haven't had use for any other hair removal. The machine is fully operational but the rubber has split in the middle. Please advice as to where i can buy a replacement rubber for this machine. Email: anoush50@msn.com
Rating: 1.00
by Joni from Arizona

Scarred my legs! at September 12, 2011
I am blonde but not the fair type. What i mean to say is that My skin is normal, not sensitive. The Smooth and Silky that I purchased this year, is the first epilator that I have used. I have followed the directions, and after using it only a half a dozen times, my legs ave been ruined with ingrown hairs and the scars that are a result of trying to remove them. I'm so surprised that something that can do this much damage is on the market. I found these reviews bec ause I wad trying to find ut if there are or have been any lawsuits stemming from the use of Remington's S&S.
Rating: 1.00
by Linda from NW England

Unbelievably painful! at August 9, 2011
An aneasthetic wouldn't go amiss when using this! Only just bought it today thinking it just might 'tickle' when using it - but what a shock - it sent cold shivers down the back of my neck - and I was using it on my legs! I won't bother trying under the arms, not until my pain thresh-hold has increased dramatically. It takes quite a time to get a small area completely hair free, and the pain prevents me from spending too long using it at one time. I will persist with it however, having spent 32+ on it, but I will limit it to a small 'dose' each day and see what happens!
Rating: 1.00
by Katie from Massachusetts

Does not work.. at August 4, 2011
Question: How do you turn it on? Because I bought one and it doesn't turn on when you press the button, does it need batteries?

I've also charged it for 2 days!
Rating: 5.00
by Judy from Milwaukee, WI

Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator at July 14, 2011
I've tried epilators in the past and swore I'd never use one again... My leg hair is very dark and corse and I hate shaving so lately I've been using waxing strips at home, and they've done a very good job, but since hairs grow in cycles, they're never the same length at the same time, so I was waxing constantly trying to get the new growth which isn't always long enough. Decided to try an epilator again for in-between, after reading some reviews hoping they've gotten better, and they HAVE!! I'm very impressed with the price and the results. NOT as painful as models I tried in the 90's, and smoothest legs I could ever hope for. Aloe vera gel after really helps soothe skin, too.
Rating: 5.00
by Ali from Canada

Tips for reduced pain at June 2, 2011
Tips for the least painful hair removel:

Don't use it right before or during your period, as you are more sensitive to pain during that time. Right after your period is the best.

Take a painkiller (I use Tylenol) an hour before you use your epilator.

Placing a clean hand over the epilated skin quickly soothes any sting. You can also follow with a cool compress.
Rating: 2.00
by Ajay from texas

Dislike at May 5, 2011
Its very painful and time consuming.i gifted it to my girl friend and she was not at all satisfied. its waste of money and time and fully of pain. sometimes it plucks skin too.
Rating: 4.00
by Suzanne from Morrisburg, Ontario

Smooth & Silky HR-1 at January 18, 2011
I have had my smooth & Silky HR-1 for a long time and it's absolutely super, unfortunately I need to get the rotating rollers replaced. Any idea where I could obtain them? Thanks in advance.
Rating: 5.00
by Gloria Thompson from London Ontario Canada

smooth & silky epilady at October 29, 2010
model HR3 I have 3 unfortunately the rubber disc things are broken I love it and used it since bought probably 20+years ago. I would love to be able to get replacements for these as being on a blood thinner these are so excellent no worry of cutting oneself and bleeding Should remake them I am sure there is a great need for them Help in getting replacement rubber would be greatly appreciated
Rating: 5.00
by fin'lwiz from Ontario, Canada

Powerful at October 27, 2010
This works wonderfully, but I didn't know how to use it when I first purchased it a few years ago. I mainly used it to keep the little hairs under my chin undercontrol. If I used it on my armpits it would work but i'd get lazy and stop, and would only use it after a wax to maintain. But now I use this on my arms, underarms, lower legs, chin, I'm still afraid to use on upper legs or bikini line, but I know it'll work too. I heard its better to do epilating right out of shower once you've dried off. And keep the skin moisturized to prevent ingrowns. I love being hairless in parts I want to be. So much more convienient than waiting for hair to grow back after a wax. Also I have very sensitive skin so this is better option than shaving. Not sure long term effect - if i'd get too many ingrowns or what. ITs lasted a very long time. I clean it with alchohol in a spray and wipe clean
Rating: 3.00
by Sue from Wolverhampton, UK

Smooth and Silky HR3 at October 9, 2010
I bought this model some years ago, and tried to use it a couple of times. I must have a low pain threshhold because I couldn't take the pain.
So I have one that has only been tried a couple of times.
Probably will put it onto EBAY soon, as at the moment it is stuck in a drawer taking up space.
Rating: 5.00
by Judy from Ottawa Ontario Canada

I love it at August 14, 2010
I have had my Smooth and Silky(model HR-1) since 1989 and it works beautifully. I just need to know where to buy the replacemnet rollers for my Smooth and Silky
Rating: 5.00
by Shaina from NH

AWESOME lil machine! at August 7, 2010
today I bought this from Walgreens SUPER cheap price compared to other stores 25 bucks! it has 42 lil tweezers and works amazing!! I found it to be about the same amount of discomfort as waxing but VERY MUCH LESS iritation after using this than after waxing as waxing also removes a thin layer of skin...I am so glad I got this and wish this is something I got sooner as I have VERY thick coarse and dark hair...I used it on my legs, armpits, bikini area and belly and the iritation went away within minutes where it would last a day or 2 after waxing...I cannot rave about this product enough!
Rating: 3.00
by madison from Honolulu

Yes and No, mostly No at June 4, 2010
I probably used this about 10-15 times on my legs--and then it started groaning--finally stopping completely. (I'm a guy by the way, so my hair is probably thicker than most girl's).
I think if I were to buy another one of these, I'd spend a little more, and buy the best I could find. Overall however, I'm not impressed by the quality, and though epilators are less messy, they are 1) more painful than waxing, 2) don't do as good a job, and 3) take longer to accomplish the same thing. The big advantage to waxing, and why it lasts longer, is that you can rip the wax back the wrong way and damage the follicle, resulting in slower and thinner regrowth. I suppose other than permanent removal, the best approach would be to buy a wax heater and lots of strips.
Rating: 5.00
by Koser from UK

silk & smooth epilady at May 27, 2010
I am looking for Remington smooth & silky epilady model; HR 3 TP or even for replacement rubber rollers for it. I have had mine for at least 20 years and loved it but the rubber has finally broken and Remington stopped making them from years so if any one has one lying around please contact me
Rating: 5.00
by Roseyn Davy from Victoria, Australia

Remington Model HR-1 at May 21, 2010
Have had my Smooth & Silky for years and years and find it keeps on top of my hair growth, however, I need replacement Rollers. Can you please advise where I can purchase them?
Rating: 5.00
by lbr from California

I love it! at April 28, 2010
This is my favorite shaver for under arms and facial hair. I've had mine for many years and it works great. First use has some discomfort, but after that it only tingles. Thanks Remington!
Rating: 5.00
by Joanna from toronto on

exellent epilady at March 9, 2010
I have a few different brands of epiladies, and the smooth and silky is the best epilator I have ever used. It's just too bad that they don't make the ep-1000 model anymore. I hope that it will make a come back, or something similar to it.
Thankyou remington for making my dreams of hair removal come true.
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